Occupational healthcare

Occupational healthcare center and nationwide network

Nowadays the role and function of occupational healthcare, in respect of the companies using the service, is much more complex and co-operative than it was previously for occupational doctors. Today this enhanced task, in addition to co-operating with the labour safety employees at environment, health and labour protection organisations, also covers supporting the activity of human resource services (naturally, leaving untouched the employer’s liabilities according to the Act on Labour Protection).

Our company, both in Budapest and several big cities in Hungary, assigned by many companies, provides the occupational healthcare services through nearly 160 occupational healthcare specialists.

The MES OCCUPATIONAL HEALTHCARE CENTRE and its on-site consulting rooms, as a multidisciplinary organisational form, allow us to provide our business partners with overall professional services “in one hand”.

Basic occupational healthcare service

We are providing the employees working at companies with our following services, in accordance with the provisions of the Act No. XCIII. of 1993 on Labour Protection; in compliance with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (SZMM) Decree No. 18/2007. (V.10.) on the modification of certain ministry orders on organising the unified labour protection authority; the Government Decree no. 89/1995. (VII.14) on occupational health; the Ministry of Public Health (NM) Decree No. 27/1995. (VII.25.) on occupational health service; the Ministry of Public Health (NM) Decree No. 33/1998. (VI.24.) on examining and making opinion on the occupational, technical or personal hygiene suitability; the Ministry of Health (EüM) Decree No. 61/1999. (XII.1.); and the respective supplementary regulations on the health protection of employees exposed to effects of biological agents, and the basic occupational health services set forth by the effective Labour Protection Regulation at the employer, according to the following:

1. Within the scope of basic services, the following is provided by the occupational healthcare service:

health screening examinations, defined by individual rules of law, to identify one’s suitability for a position and initiating the relevant required medical examinations;
reporting and investigating occupational diseases and increased exposition cases, according to the provisions of the respective rules of law;
investigating the working conditions and harmful effects of work on health documented in writing, with the frequency set forth by the contract – taking into consideration the local circumstances – or out of turn when a change occurs;
consulting related to individual protective equipment, according to the provisions of the respective rules of law;
tasks affecting chemical safety of workplaces, according to the provisions of the respective rules of law;
providing information related to issues affecting the employees’ working conditions, health, and safety;
tasks connected to vaccines set forth for a position, according to the provisions of the respective rules of law;
preventive treatment of employees suffering from chronic diseases;
providing medical fitness examination of road drivers who belong to the 2nd suitability group as per the respective rules of law;
providing medical report on the suitability for employment, in cases identified by the rules of law on medical examination and report on job, professional and personal hygiene suitability.

2. The occupational health service also participates in the following:

providing employer’s responsibilities listed in Article 58 of the Act on Occupational Safety (Mvt.), in particular
investigating workplace hazards,
resolving occupational health, physiological, ergonomic and hygienic tasks,
ensuring the facilities, personal and organisational conditions of providing first aid at the workplaces, organising emergency medical healthcare and professional training for first aid providers,
arranging occupational rehabilitation,
elaborating the employer’s action plan on preventing, obviating, and liquidating disaster and drawing up the rehabilitation plan for the damages caused.

Due to the reason factors of diseases and individual risks connected to medical examinations for occupational suitability, supplementary medical examinations might become justified to develop the medical opinion on suitability by the examining doctor.

Occupational psychology activity

Stress management
Employers’ obligations to manage psychosocial risk factors have been regulated by the law as from the 1st of January 2008: they have to assess if there is a problem, the scope of employers involved, the actions taken so far, and if the actions taken were successful. On the basis of individual request, our occupational psychology and occupational health specialists can provide the following services:

Assessing the factors leading to occupational stress, analysing job and work activities in order to identify risk, by applying the appropriate techniques (e.g. questionnaire),
Making recommendations on the nature and methods of employer’s actions, and
Organising health improvement activities (stress resistance screening and treatment programs, trainings, courses, etc.) for prevention purposes.

Psychological suitability examinations

Job suitability examinations (employee with appropriate skills)
Drivers’ suitability examination
Suitability examination to possess firearms

Selection and recruitment

Selection of physical workers (assembly line, light manual work, monotony resistance)
Psychological examination of service-providers
Examination of managers or to-be managers, recommendation on vocational training

Special examinations

Socialpsychologic and sociometric examinations
Analysing sensitivity to weather fronts (for accident prevention purposes!)
Sport psychology

Labour protection

Upon individual request, the MES Occupational Health Centre provides the following special services:

Preparing risk assessment and evaluation, and their obligatory annual reviews
Elaborating Labour Protection Regulation
Making labour safety inspection, training, case-files, documentation