Outpatient healthcare

Outpatient healthcare and diagnostic services available at the MES Ltd.

Internal medicine consultation by specialist
Cardiologic screenings, medical treatments and diagnostic background- Coronary artery disease, diagnosis on cardiac insufficiency and cardiac arrhythmia
Cardiologic rehabilitation
TTECG diagnostics
Request for secondary cardiologic opinion (providing the opportunity to personally consulting with leading Hungarian specialists)
Ophthalmologic examination by specialist
Dermatologic consultation by specialist (special examination – including with digital dermatoscope)
Allergology examination by specialist
Otorhinolaryngologic examination by specialist
Surgery (minor surgery)
Laboratory tests
     Chemical, Haematological, Hormone,
     Tumour marker, Serological,
     Infectiology laboratory tests
Gynaecologic cancer screening and diagnostic background
Urology – With prostata cancer screening (PSA)
Digital imaging diagnosticsexaminations: X-ray, Mammography
Ultrasounds - (mamma, abdominal, articular, thyroid)
     Vascular Doppler- Carotis ultrasound
Screening Packages
Weight loss and lifestyle change for patients exposed to high risk
Manager screenings
Occupational Health services in Budapest and in our nationwide network
Medical check-up requested by insurance companies
Patient management – Organising medical routes
Doctor Moderator participation
Medical home care, medical care at the patient’s home
Purchased Services:
     Internal medicine –Thyroid specialisation
     Gastroenterology consulting

The MES Ltd. provides high quality services, covering the key areas of outpatient healthcare. When we face a very complex problem, our specialists consult with each other, within the scope of medical consulting for obtaining second opinions, and make a common decision on the next steps and the patient’s potential further examinations and treatment.