Screening examinations

To meet the expectations and live the lifestyle of modern managers have increased health risks for the managers of our age. Our complex examination program covers a substantial range of examinations allowing us to detect early the typical, most frequently arising diseases. We would like our partners to have a complex check-up at our institution, at a reserved time without any waiting and ensuring the professionally required minimum number of visits.

The key element of the “TOP Manager” Package is to assess the risk and exposure to cardiovascular diseases, which is the primary reason for disease and death in Hungary. The main profile of the MES Ltd. is to diagnose and treat such diseases.

The Program includes the ECG examination (ergometry) as well, which can be regarded traditional, but requires special devices and expertise.

The Program also covers examining the status of all other main organ systems and early symptoms of potential lesions: digestive organs (particularly the liver and the pancreas), respiratory system, kidneys, vision system and frequent metabolic diseases (diabetes, gout, fat metabolism disorders, metabolic syndrom).

The Program also covers gynaecologic examination, including the cytologic (cervical Pap test) examination for ladies. Vaginal ultrasound examination is the best way for the ultrasound examination of pelvic organs, which allows us, due to the applicable ultrasound frequency and the closeness of the organs to be examined, to get a more detailed picture on the pelvic organs. The Program for gentlemen is enhanced with the urology examination, including the PSA (prostate cancer screening) examination as well.

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