About us

The MES Ltd. was established in 2015, when the Act No. LXXXIII. of 1997 on compulsory health insurance provisions was modified, in terms of which it has become obligatory to separate publicly financed and privately provided healthcare services. In order to meet the provisions of the Act, the MES Private Health Service Ltd. was separated, by means of business succession, from the IMS Medical Service Provider Ltd., possessing financing agreement.

Consequently, we are talking about a company which has been present in healthcare for a relatively short time, while the IMS Ltd, the legal predecessor of the MES Ltd., have been stable and continuously present in the Hungarian healthcare already for 26 years.

In order to provide quality assurance, our companies possess qualification as per the ISO 9001:2015 and we are proud to be amongst the first 10 companies possessing such qualification in Hungary.

Having worked for the long time in healthcare, our employees and our practitioners have gained substantial experience and competence who regard healthcare not simply as their work but also as their commitment to cure our patients.

We would like to make all of our patients to be maximally satisfied with the quality of our services.

Our goal is to keep participating actively in the Hungarian healthcare, both in the private and state-financed health services. Enhancement of our services is a key element of our long-term goals.

From time to time we surprise our clients with discount campaigns in order to make our services available for everyone, as in this fast-paced world probably health is our most important treasure. Consequently, it is essential to pay more attention to preserve it and to prevent ourselves from diseases if possible.

You can read more about the evolution of our company and its milestones here.

Detailed company history

Organisational structure

David Julianna Ilana

Managing Director
Telephone: +36 30 684 8401
E-mail: ilana.david@meskft.hu

Tamas Barany M.D.

Company Executive, Medical Director
Telephone: +36 20 938 1351
E-mail: tamas.barany@meskft.hu

David Yaniv

Strategy Leader
E-mail: yaniv.david@meskft.hu

Marcell Nagy M.D.

Medical Director
E-mail: marcell.nagy@meskft.hu

Robert Gombis J.D.

Legal Adviser
Telefon: +36 30 411 8084
E-mail: robert.gombis@meskft.hu

Gyorgyi Bodnar

Financial Manager
Telephone: +36 30 507 3618
E-mail: penzugy@meskft.hu

Magdolna Kecskemeti-Kiraly

Country leader of the company occupational healthcare
Telephone: +36 30 507 3618
E-mail: penzugy@meskft.hu

Katalin Domonkos

Customer Service Representative
Telefon: +36 30 664 4933
E-mail: katalin.domonkos@meskft.hu

Szilvia Matrai

Customer Service Representative
Telefon: +36 30 664 4933
E-mail: szilvia.matrai@meskft.hu


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